Sex Change for Vitruvian Man

© Susan Dorothea White

Sex Change for Vitruvian Man, 2005
drafting pen, black ink and gouache
24.5 x 21 cm
(published in Draw Like Da Vinci, 2006)

"Some of the artists that attempted to render Vitruvius’ description in graphic manner include: Cesare Caesariano (1521), Albrecht Dürer (1528), Pietro di Giacomo Cataneo (1554), Heinrich Lautensack (1618), William Blake (1795), and Susan Dorothea White, whose version Sex Change for Vitruvian Man (2005) raised questions regarding the gender specific nature of existing studies on human proportion and bodily geometry in Western art."

- Nicolás Salazar-Sutil, Performance Research (2010)

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