“...her work can be informed by an appealing light-heartedness... She is also a strong social satirist, particularly in paintings...”
Gallery & Studio (New York)

EXHIBITIONS – selection since 1957

The Seven Deadly Sins of Modern Times
The Seven Deadly Sins of Modern Times


2010  Braidwood: Fyre Gallery, Fifty Years of Printmaking

2000  Nice: Galerie d'Art, Bronzes
1998  New York (SoHo): Montserrat Gallery, Portrayals
1991  Cologne: Galerie am Buttermarkt
1990  Amsterdam: Galerie Art & Architecture
1986  Sydney: Balmain Art Gallery
1983  Sydney: Goethe Institute
1982  Sydney: Women & Arts Festival, Open Studio
1980  Sydney: Seymour Centre, Sydney University,
           People of Sydney and Munich
1980  Sydney: Seymour Centre, Sydney University
1980  Munich: Galerie Arndt
1979  Sydney: Seymour Centre, Sydney University
1978  Sydney: Blackfriars Gallery
1978  Sydney: Seymour Centre, Sydney University
1977  Sydney: Seymour Centre, Sydney University
1972  Adelaide: Festival of Arts, Sydenham Galleries
1962  Broken Hill: Technical College


2013  Venice: 55th Biennale d’Arte di Venezia, Vernice Contemporanea Sapere Aude, Palazzo Ca Zanardi
2008  Sydney: Mori Gallery, Greetings from Warburton
2008  Sydney: Mori Gallery, Callan Park Protest
2007  Sydney: Josef Lebovic Gallery, International & Australian Works on Paper
2001–2004  Washington DC: National Building Museum, Hechinger Collection, Instruments of Change
2004  Sydney: Josef Lebovic Gallery, Australian Art
2003, 1997, 1992  Sydney: S.H. Ervin Gallery, Portia Geach Memorial Award (Highly Commended, 1997)
2003  Canberra: Contemporary Art Space (CCAS), Inaugural Contemporary Exhibition
1997–2003  Canberra: Solander Gallery
2002  Melbourne: Contemporary Art Society of Victoria, Steps Gallery, Collector's Exhibition
2001  Florence: Biennale of Contemporary Art
2001  Sydney: Josef Lebovic Gallery, Fantasy & Imagination
2001, 1998  Sydney: S.H. Ervin Gallery, Salon des Refusés
1999–2000  Washington DC: National Building Museum, Hechinger Collection, Fantasy at Work
1998  Canberra: The High Court of Australia, National Sculpture Forum, Idioms in Mixed Mediums
1997, 1996, 1995, 1993, 1992, 1991  Kyoto: Kyoto Museum, Impact Art Festival
1997  Geneva: Palais des Expositions
1997  Sydney: Barry Stern Gallery, Works on Paper
1996  Ravenna: International Dante Biennial of Bronzework
1995  Banská Bystrica: International Triennial of Woodcut
1995  Canberra: National Sculpture Forum, Beaver Galleries
1994  New York: Montserrat Gallery, Foreign Showcase
1994  Munich: Volkshochschule, Kunstpause Austellung
1993, 1990, 1987, 1983  Biella: Premio Internazionale per l'incisione
1993  Maastricht: International Print Biennial
1992  Vollenhove: Art Lease+
1992  Napa: International Miniprint Exhibition
1992  Sydney: Art Gallery of NSW, Sulman Award
1991  Amsterdam: Galerie K61
1991  Gyor: International Biennial of Graphics
1991, 1987, 1985, 1983, 1981  Ljubljana: International Graphic Biennale
1991, 1985  Lublin: Majdanek Triennale, Against War
1990, 1981  Kanagawa: Kanagawa Independante
1990  Sydney: Opera House Forecourt, Sculpture Forum & Demonstration
1989  Sydney: Art Gallery of NSW, Wynne Award (sculpture)
1989  Fredrikstad: Norwegian Print Triennale
1988  Tuzla: Biennial Exhibition, Portrait Drawing and Graphics
1989  Bristol: Bristol Printmaking Festival, Off Centre Gallery, Prints with a Point
1988–89  Sydney: Blake Prize Touring Exhibition
1988, 1982, 1978  Sydney: Blake Prize
1988, 1983, 1981  Seoul: International Print Biennale
1988, 1986, 1985, 1984, 1983  Cadaques: Miniprint Exhibition
1988  Perpignan: Palais des Rois de Majorque, Biennale de l'Estampe
1987  Budapest: Art of Today
1986  Toronto: Del Bello Gallery, Miniature Art Exhibition
1986  Warsaw: International Year of Peace Exhibition
1986, 1981  Sydney: Sydney Printmakers, Annual Exhibition
1985, 1983  Taipei: ROC Biennial Print Exhibit
1984  Berlin: Intergrafik Triennale
1984  Melbourne: Print Council of Australia, Miniprints 1984
1984  Budapest: International Exhibition, Mail Art
1984  Sydney: People for Nuclear Disarmament, Artists for Peace
1983  Diamond Valley: Civic Centre, Acquisition Art Award
1983, 1981  Mornington Peninsula: Regional Gallery, Biennial Spring Festival of Drawing
1983  Cabo Frio: Graphic Exhibition
1982  Ibiza: Ibizagrafic
1982  Seoul: Miniature Print Exhibition
1982  Brisbane: Queensland Art Gallery, Pederson Memorial Print & Drawing Prize
1982  Brisbane: Queensland Art Gallery, Trustees Exhibition
1982, 1978  Sydney: City of Sydney Cultural Council, A City Heritage Painting
1982  Sydney: NSW Women & Arts Festival, Glebe Town Hall, 8 Women Artists
1982  Sydney: NSW Women & Arts Festival, Crafts Council Gallery, From the Inside Out
1982  Warnambool: Warnambool Art Gallery, Henri Worland Memorial Print Award
1982, 1978, 1977  Sydney: Portia Geach Memorial Award
1981, 1978, 1977  Fremantle: Regional Gallery, Print Award
1981  Frankfurt: Galerie Vonderbank
1981  Berlin: Galerie Pels-Leusden
1980  Stuttgart: Kunsthaus Schaller
1980  Frechen: Grafik Biennale
1980  Sydney: East Sydney Technical College, Print Survey Sydney
1979  Sydney: Westmead Centre, Westmead Print Prize
1978  Sydney: Stadia Graphics Gallery, Contemporary Australian & French Artists
1978  Adelaide: Adelaide Festival, Contemporary Arts Society of SA
1978  Mornington Peninsula: Regional Gallery, Print Purchase Award
1978, 1977, 1976  Sydney: Australian Watercolour Institute, Blaxland Gallery, Annual Exhibition
1976  Sydney: Art Gallery of NSW, Sulman Award
1976, 1975  Sydney: Macquarie University, Annual Art Exhibition
1973  Sydney: Art Gallery of NSW, Wynne Award (landscape painting)
1972  Adelaide: Sydenham Galleries (Off the Beaten Track)
1962  Adelaide, Broken Hill, Whyalla, Port Lincoln: Airlines of South Australia (travelling exhibition), Broken Hill Art Safari
1962  Adelaide: John Martin's Gallery, Willyama Art Society Exhibition
1959  Adelaide: RAS of SA Gallery, Artists & Sculptors of Promise
1957–62  Broken Hill: Annual Art Exhibition

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